Concerned About Your Child's Truancy? It's Time To Discuss These Things


Sending your child away to private school will expose him or her to a top-tier education that can help the child succeed beyond the classroom walls. Many private schools have clear rules when it comes to a student's truancy, which means that if your child is beginning to make a habit of missing classes, you'll soon be getting a concerned phone call from a school administrator. Repeated truancy can lead to failing a class or even being expelled from the school, so it's imperative to speak to your child on the phone or in person to explain the seriousness of the situation. Here are some things that you'll want to discuss.

The Risk Of Having To Switch Schools 

Perhaps the biggest risk of a child being truant on a regular basis is that the private school will expel him or her. Some children, especially if they're young, may not be overly concerned with this news. This can especially be the case if the child hasn't yet shown a firm grasp of understanding consequences. One way that you can convey the seriousness of this issue to your child is by telling him or her that a school switch would be in order after expulsion. Few children like the idea of switching schools and this warning may be enough to prevent future truancy.

Your Hard Work Negated

You should also appeal to your child to avoid being truant at school because it's a slap in the face to you. You've worked extremely hard to pay the tuition to send your child to private school, and this is a good time to remind him or her of this fact. Don't be afraid to explain some of the challenges you've faced, such as perhaps skipping a vacation you wanted to take or avoiding a large purchase for yourself so that you could save enough to send your child to private school.

The Lost Opportunity

If your child is expelled from private school, he or she may end up in public school. Given that the education quality at the former is far superior to that of the latter, your child could be squandering a top-notch education — and this can affect him or her for the remainder of his or her life. If your child is older, you can hopefully appeal to his or her sense of reason, making him or understand that getting expelled from private school is a huge lost opportunity. Ideally, this discussion will be enough to compel your child to regularly attend classes.


22 August 2018

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