Putting Your Autistic Child On The Right Track: Academic Services And Schooling Options

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Children with autism have an uncertain future. Those that are non-verbal and unable to care for themselves usually end up in a group home. Those that are verbal and high-functioning struggle in school and work because they miss social cues and body language that would otherwise tell them what someone else means when someone else is talking. You want what is best for your high-functioning child with autism, but what can you do to help him/her succeed? Here are some academic services and schooling options that are much more ideal for autistic children.

Look for Schools with Really Small Class Sizes

Children with autism do much better in rooms with fewer children. There is less stimulation and fewer kids to create the levels of stimulation that autistic children cannot tolerate. Parochial schools offer smaller class sizes, as do charter schools. If you are going to continue with schooling outside the home, look to these schools first. 

Consider Online Schooling at Home or Homeschooling 

There are dozens of really good online schools now. Many students with special needs like your child and families with unconventional scheduling issues prefer the online schools. Every state offers this type of schooling through one or more districts within the state. There are many benefits to schooling your autistic child this way, including schooling in the home environment where your child feels the most comfortable and most at ease.

Homeschooling, in the more traditional sense, often requires that one or both parents have a bachelor's degree. The degree does not have to be in education, although it helps. The materials are sent to you through a state-established program, and you are responsible for creating lessons and making sure your child is on track with his/her brick and mortar peers.

High Schools with Tech or Art Training Programs

There are also charter schools and online schools that offer tech or art training programs. These special programs begin training your child for a career and/or prepare for college. Some of the courses offered give students like your child the opportunity to earn college credits in advance, and learn skills that can help him/her get a job that pays well.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy can begin as soon as your child enters school. It helps children with special needs learn some basic skills. As the therapy progresses through school, the therapist begins to prepare your child for the real world, for working a job, and with personal grooming and the general expectations of others in the workplace. In short, occupational therapy gradually prepares your child to care for him/herself, and be able to function as normally as possible on his/her own.


17 February 2018

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