Four Reasons Why Your School Should Hand out Tablets to Students

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Classroom learning is designed to keep all students who are on a specific grade level learning at the same pace. Although students have access to the same type of learning in the classroom, reinforcement outside of school hours is different. Some students will have access to computers and other forms of learning via their parents. Then there are other students who do not have educated parents nor the ability to access technology constantly. This can cause issues with learning at the same pace. Here are four reasons why your school should pass out educational media like tablets for all students to learn. 

You can download programs that don't require the internet.

Though having students submit homework over the internet may not be a good idea, it is a good idea to allow homework learning and help via tablets. During school hours, students can download programs that will help them learn pre-approved lesson plans. This means that each child will have access to a learning program through the tablet to perform at their own pace. This can also help parents figure out what their child is doing during school and possibly learn along with them. 

Tablets are easier to tote around and care for.

Tablets are now only slightly larger than most mobile phones. This means that students can easily carry these around without adding too much weight to their backpacks. Tablets can also be fitted with a cover to protect them from any falls and spills. If students are required to bring tablets to school on certain days, bringing them in is not a major issue for any student. The only upkeep that tablets require is being charged regularly. 

Teachers can monitor students progress.

When children have tablets, there should always be a master program that will allow the teacher to monitor the progress on all of the tablets. This will give the teacher information on who is keeping up with their at-home learning and which students may be struggling with getting past certain lessons. Understanding what is happening when students are performing solo can help teachers keep up with students' progress well before report-card time. 

Tablets will prep student for further technology.

When students begin to go into middle and high school, they will need to be proficient with the use of technology. This includes computers, tablets, and even data programs. Providing a younger class with tablets to learn can put both the students of means and the students without means on the same technology-learning level within a few years. 


10 August 2017

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