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Leaving a child to go work is not an easy choice. If you cannot be the one to care for your child, then you want to make sure that what care your child does get will be quality. There are a range of options on the market including mommy's helper, nanny, and daycare centers. Knowing which option is right for your situation depends on knowing what each option offers and then choosing the one that fits your needs. 

Mommy's Helper for the Parent Working from Home

If you work from home, but you have a child who requires a lot of care, then your best option may be hiring a mommy's helper, who will come to your house and take care of your child while you are busy. Mommy's helpers are typically teenagers or preteens who are looking to gain experience in taking care of children before hiring out as a babysitter. While you shouldn't expect a mommy's helper to provide educational or developmental exercises, they should be able to take care of your children and keep them entertained while you are busy working. 

The Nanny

Whether you are working from home, or you have to go into an office, a nanny is an excellent choice for at-home childcare. A nanny is a trained childcare professional, who may or may not have a degree in child development or related studies. Thus, a nanny can provide a professional level of care and education that cannot be matched by a mommy's helper or babysitter. While nanny's will come at a higher price than babysitters, you get someone who can provide some home schooling, take your children on outings, and perform other duties that you would not expect the average babysitter to do. 

 A Daycare Center

If you would like your children to begin socializing, then taking them to a daycare center can help. Daycare centers will provide constant care for your children mixed with some education opportunities. Depending on the care center you choose, your child may also get to go on supervised outings. As compared to a nanny, a daycare center should cost less money and what a daycare center may lack in a personal connection between caregivers and your child, it can make up for in allowing your child to make friends with same-age peers. 

Knowing which type of child care is right for your child depends on carefully considering your situation and the needs of your child or children. You can then choose a daycare option that fits your needs. 


10 July 2017

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