3 Things You Can Do To Help Your Child Be Happier About Going To Daycare

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There are many people who wonder what they should do with their child at daycare. Their child might be having a hard time being dropped off, or may not want to go at all. Daycare plays an important role for parents, because without it they cannot do their job. This can be frustrating and cause the parent to feel like they don't have any other options. Here are some things that parents can do to help their child go to daycare.

1. Don't Rush The Morning

If at all possible you should try getting up early enough that you aren't rushing the mornings. This can be really hard if you are already feeling like you are chasing the clock, but if your child feels like they don't have enough time to wake up, eat a good breakfast, spend time with you, and so forth, by the time they get to daycare they will resist. It is not necessarily because they don't want to go, but more because they just aren't ready for it. Try an earlier bedtime so that the child can wake up earlier, and if needed wake up the child a few minutes early so that they have more time to process going to daycare.

2. Prep The Child

Some parents think that if the child is having a hard time it will be better to trick or surprise them when it comes time for daycare. This could easily backfire. Instead, it is better to be honest with the child and prep them for what is to happen. You should talk to them about what is going to happen, how long you will be gone, and what they will do, so they can process it. Some children may not need to be prepped. It might be easier to talk to them on the way to the daycare, while others might need you to talk to them about it the night before. The important thing is to be honest and focus on the positive.

3. Listen To Your Child

If your child is persistent in not wanting to go to daycare, you should really listen to their concerns. There could be more going on than what you realize. There could be a child who is difficult or being mean, they could have a problem with a teacher, or maybe it is time to find a new place for them to go. Sometimes a child is defiant because they don't want to go, and other times it is because there is a problem.

By understanding these things you can help your child go to daycare. 


6 June 2017

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